Thursday, January 31, 2013

Financial questions for engaged (Singaporean!) couples

He went down on bended knee, you said yes, the wedding's coming up... what now? If you're like me, I'm refusing to 'rest on my laurels' after snatching a great guy, and am scouring books and websites for tips for a successful marriage.... A bit over-enthusiastic, I know, but hey, better over-prepared than under.

But, where to start? According to articles I read, amongst the top, if not the top marriage breaker: money issues. Furthermore, this being Singapore, the reality is that living and housing cost is prohibitively expensive, and I think engaged couples will do well talking about money issues early on. I mean, if it really does matter so much, you'd want to try finding someone as compatible with you as possible, and run from someone who has totally different views on money.. in an union as important as marriage, why stack the cards against yourself?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gown Hunt - Part 2!

Time to actually hunt the gown of my dreams after just looking at pictures =D

1. Find part of your city where the bridal shops are clustered (in Singapore, it's Delfi Orchard and Tanjong Pagar road)
2. Bring a girlfriend whose fashion opinion you trust (a lovely friend of mine volunteered her time and company! yay!)
3. Bring a good camera phone and be prepared to snap discreetly. This is useful as reference if finally you decide to do a made-to-measure gown.

Note: In some of the pictures below, the gown looks rather loose.. That's because bridal gowns are impossible to wear yourself (they have to be tied/ zipped at the back) and I had to quickly snap before the attendant came in to help me wear the gown!

Gown Hunt!

What's a wedding without a wedding dress, right?
Tell the truth, in the beginning I wasn't that excited about wedding dress... (Though many a bride will put this at number one on their list ;p ) because I equate that with too frilly, expensive, too much hassle to walk with, not gonna look good on me..

But then... I found out I'd underestimated the bridal industry.. Put some effort to look around, and true enough, the perfect -or at least almost perfect - dress will be there for you!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wedding jitters?

Ah, wedding jitters. Or should I say, marriage jitters, since it's really not just about the wedding. Fiance recently showed me an article about 'Runaway Brides' in Singapore, the story of a girl who jilted her groom, only told him of the decision right before she boarded a plane to Thailand, left him to deal with everything, then blamed the HDB and everyone else by saying, "You could  put it like this – the third party was HDB. I feel like I was forced to decide to get married early because if I waited until I was, say, 30 and ready to settle down, to wait another three to four years to get a BTO flat would leave me no time to start a family. Everyone told me that Ken and I had to hurry up and apply for a flat together and then quickly get married once the flat application was successful."

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Engaged Ladies (Put A Ring On It!)

Wrote on a previous post that my Fiance want to have gold wedding rings, so we browsed through some google image pictures: