Monday, May 7, 2012

The Definition of A Housewife

Hello there!

And welcome to my blog =) Well, just a bit of a background, I'm a 26 years old Indonesian in a very happy relationship with a sweet Singaporean-Filipino guy, and I am every inch the modern youngster. I am, though, fascinated with those group of people called  'SuperWomen' who manage to have a great career, great household, great kids and doting husbands (my mom and my boyfriend's included). I unashamedly aspire to be like them, feminist-thinking be damned. This blog is an attempt to record that learning journey, daunting as it is... but hey, I'm excited!

Well, let's get on to it. Like all subjects that I am either really afraid of or passionate about, I will also approach this whole 'how-to-be-a-housewife' thing systematically. Being a kid-of-the-times, any systematic research will begin with Google, and so I typed in 'virtues of a good housewife'.

Lo and behold, an article from WikiHow popped up. According to them, the definition of a housewife is "a married woman who is not employed outside the home". To be a good housewife you have to:
(read the full article here )

1. Discuss expectations with your partner
2. Maintain a great appearance
3. Learn to cook
4. Be mindful and considerate of your spouse's needs
5. Listen to him
6. Tidy up the house and make the home a pleasant and clean place to live in
7. Improve your skills in the bedroom
8. Find a balance in arguments, but avoid them if possible
9. Love your spouse for who he is
10. Let him take control of certain situations, more so if they are extra personal situations like choosing his hobby, his clothes, his meals etc.

. . . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Didn't know that 'housewife' equals 'model-cook-therapist-maid-whore-psychologist-angel-gracious mommy' all at the same time! >< and that's just for the husband, not even the kids yet!

Whew. Daunting indeed.

Fortunately, The Boyfriend is such a sweet and considerate guy I really wouldn't mind being 'model-cook-therapist-maid-whore etc etc' for him, if possible! But for the purposes of more realistic study, let me define 'housewife' as I think of :

A housewife is someone who does have a career outside the house but manages the household well, making her husband and kids feel special and taken care of, while also cherishes and enjoys intimacy with her husband.

I know.. it kind of violates the convention that a housewife does not go outside the home, but what I feel is that, there are women who work and still make her loved ones feel that she's there for them, and has a well-kept home.. that's what I'm gunning for! *May I just confess that it's still a long way, especially with my 'single-for-long-time-professional-designer' mentality*

But for now, full steam ahead!