Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Beginning

The Boyfriend.. has just recently proposed to me..

Now begins the real journey of learning to be a housewife!

On top of trying to be better with financial responsibilities and learning cooking, household managing, etc, now planning for the wedding has entered the picture.


Well, as a fuss-free person who doesn't exactly like crowds, weddings to me are really an event for our parents to show that "Hey, my kid's tying the knot!". The moment I told my dad that we're starting to plan for the wedding, he told me that he can think of 200 relatives that will be attending. What the???! Honestly, I've never even seen 100 people gather during Chinese New Year on his side >< "But your uncles! your cousins! Your cousins' children!" My mom.. was alternating between telling me, "Oh? The celebrations are in two years' time? So long!" and "You have to tell me your plans now! No time!" (She is already envisioning the perfect garden party >< )

Thankfully less complications on The Fiance's side.. the only thing being, his mom would like us to have a church wedding, and I don't mind at all.

Also, since The Fiance is half-Filipino and I am Indonesian, we are planning for three weddings in total - Singapore, my Indonesian hometown of Pekanbaru, and the Phillipines. (My parents were insisting we have to have four as most of my dad's relatives stay in a different province, but I've managed to dissuade them of that.. phew!)

The thing is, I've never thought that weddings need be grand affairs.. If anything, I thought of my 'big day' as the day my sweet fiance proposed to me, as he gave me not just one, but three(!) parts of a proposal, and involved both our parents giving us their blessings. Both of us have the same view, that weddings are more to make our parents happy and for our friends to partake in our celebrations.

The only thing I can say for sure now, is that, me being Indonesian-Chinese, and him Singaporean-Filipino, FOOD is gonna be a big part of our parties *grin* (though there are complications there also as Filipinos are big on pork and we would like to invite quite a lot of Muslim friends >< )

Ah, well.

Motto: Less Fuss More Fun.. and Bring It On!