Sunday, March 23, 2014

Conservations with husband #1

Bits & pieces that make life with this man so rewarding..

*chatting with husband on him considering changing job*
Me: "Dear, you are not considering joining the police force? I mean, you told me about it before.. and I think it's great if your work allows you to get more active, running here and there haha.."
Him: "Hmm.. What if I have to detain those karaoke hostesses, then they will tell me 'Officer, I do anything for you if you let me go.... hehehe..."
Me: "OK forget it, cannot be police officer!"

*on selecting furniture for our future house*
Me: "I think, I don't want to have a sofa.. we'll have different kinds of chairs in the living room.."
Him: "Nooo... Then how can we make love on the sofa...."
Me: -_-"

*on whether I drag him around travelling too much.. since he almost didn't travel until he met me*
Me: "Dear, do you think that I ask you to travel too much? Like, having long trips with me, what do you think about it?"
Him: "Well.. you are my wife.. traveling with you should be second nature.."
Me: *melt*

*on the importance of sex in our relationship*
Me: "Dear, how important do you think is sex in our relationship?"
Him: *with a super serious face* "Very important"
Me: "Huh? I mean, it's important for me too but it can't be just about that right...what about other things?"
Him: "Like what?"
Me: "Like.. companionship, emotional connection, being able to do things together..."
Him: "There, you see, sex is very close companionship, emotional connection also during sex, doing things together also sex.."
Me: *speechless but must admit there is truth in that!*