Monday, September 9, 2013

On Married Life

Well, obviously after we recently got married, the first question on everyone's lips upon seeing us again is, "So.. how's married life?"

To be honest, I first heard that question from my parents, and somehow.. since my dad/mom kind of kept asking me despite repeated response of, "We're fine Dad, Mom, feels good now that no more wedding planning stuff", I suspect what they REALLY wanted to ask was, "How are you & Bryan getting it on making babies? Is everything alright in that department?" ><

And yeah.. that suspicion kind of carries on when friends asked me, "So how's married life?" My brain kind of straight away go " this person just asking to be polite? or wanna tease us about love-making? or really just an innocent question? No? Really?".. and I'd end up just uttering some standard answer like, "Well, so far so good... no kids yet mah so still relaxed..."

But hey, my thoughts on 'married life' are kind of jumbled up too so here goes a post just to let you guys AND myself know what I think of married life so far..

1.  Married life gives me contentment.. to me, there is a feeling that now we're in it together,  this is it, and all the energy and focus can be used to learn more about each other & enjoy each other *cross fingers that this feeling/mindset will stay*
2. Calling each other 'my husband' and 'my wife' still feels super fun.. last Sunday we took a stroll and he paused, looked at me, and said, "You are my wife and I am happy.." and I melted huhu..
3. I used to only be able to sleep soundly when I am alone in the room.. so much so that I thought this would prevent me from getting married haha.. but now, I got so used to having his warmth around that as often as we can (unless one of us has to work late) we'd fall asleep holding each other's hands or at least with our toes touching.. that alone gives me so much contentment..
4. The feeling that after a tiring work day my husband is at home and he won't deny me a tight hug is great.. some nights he'd even throw in a shoulder massage =D and yeah I do the same for him! *admittedly less often tho...*
5.  Still getting used to calling my in-laws 'daddy' and 'mummy' and at the beginning I was worried since he's sort of the dependable son his parents would call him often to help out at the house still even after marriage, but my in-laws have been very sweet & accommodating having their son staying with me. Very grateful on that.
6. I feel more obliged to find activities my husband like that we can do more often he'd oblige me when I want to try out things I like. So, as much as jogging is not my sport-of-choice, we've been doing night jogging together as a couple time.. and I'm actually growing to like it!
7. I enjoy cooking for him when I have time and hearing, "Wife, thank you for the meal.." *I know, I'm easy right >< *
8. The strange thing is that we have to get used to ignoring each other more.. during dating time, each time we see each other we make a point to do something special together and I think that kind of becomes a habit haha.. so much so that we'd instinctively want to cuddle, watch youtube together, chat, cook, etc each time we meet.. which, right now is everyday, and unfortunately we gotta work and do personal admin too! >< so yeah, had to sorta just ignore each other and focus on the laptop though we are in the same room. However, going across the room to steal a kiss is allowed =D
9. I won't lie, it does feel like, "Phew, one thing ticked off the list..I've found a husband, am a respectable 'married woman', and my parents are happy now that I won't be a spinster".. Despite not wanting to feel like that *'huh? a woman's only worth something if she's married?'* , the thought does pop up.

Hmm.. conclusion? I don't have any profound insights about marriage yet, mostly it's still lame, mushy, lovey-dovey stuff. What I do know, I am enjoying the joy and secure feeling that comes with knowing someone has committed himself to spending his life with me, and trying each day not to take this for granted.

Married life... so far so good =)

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