Thursday, August 22, 2013

App recommendation: Simply Us

Wedding is about co-ordination, co-ordination, co-ordination (Well it's about flowers & cupcakes too but someone's gotta co-ordinate those!).. And at least one other person has to really be at the same page as you: The Fiance. Early on, I was a bit irritated as I was the one handling a lot of the appointments for the wedding vendors (meet photographer, meet hotel manager, etc) and sometimes he'd schedule to meet his buddies when I had not yet told him I need him on one Wednesday night, for example, or one of us simply forgot that we need to keep certain times free because we have wedding-related  appointments.

Would like to recommend one iPhone app that really helps with that. It's not a wedding app, but more of a calendar + organizer app, called SimplyUs. (And it's free for iPhone!)

Both phones download the app, then one of you invite the other to join the same SimplyUs platform, and voila!

First, you have the activity page where there are notifications of recent events added/ edited (and you'll get push notifications too, if your partner adds/ edit events:

One useful feature is that you can comment straight away below the event notification.

Then, you'll have the calendar page where you add events, configure timings, and even add reminders (if your Fiance sometimes forget appointments, set a reminder 2-3 days before).

Much like an iPhone calendar, dates where there are events are marked with a dot at the bottom. (Weekends were fully booked huhu >< ). 

There is also a lists page, where you create your lists of to-dos. Good thing you can create multiple lists. . .

If the lists above seem very meticulous... actually, credit to my Fiance =)  Slide to the left to see what that consists of:

Anytime either of you add a task or crosses out a task, the other partner will be notified. To me, it felt great when I get notifications that my Fiance are crossing out tasks I have requested him to do.. phew! Less things to think of!

Now that the wedding is over, we are still using the app to book 'our time'. The agreement goes, say I want him to attend a financial talk with me, I'll first ask him verbally, and upon obtaining a 'yes', promptly book the date & time on the app. If one of us does not put it in SimplyUs, it is not an official 'booking'!

We find it very useful, especially for things that will happen 2 - 3 months down the road and might be forgotten. No more sulking because he agreed to meet his 'bros' on the night he said he'd spend with me!

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