Sunday, November 25, 2012

Venue Hunt: Hotel Re!

Yep, the name of the hotel comes with an exclamation mark.

Found out about Hotel Re! as it's listed in wedding venue directories as one of the hotels with more affordable food, and they have international /Asian buffet option just like we want!

So, after confirming that they can accommodate 250 pax, Fiance and I came down to take a look.

Gotta say, I'm impressed. Some pics of the venue:

The ballroom exterior

I think what worked for Fiance and I is that, the hotel is nestled in the lush greenery of Pearl's Hill.. which can be appreciated for a lunch reception (as opposed to haunted hill impression if we're having wedding dinner >< ). Also, they've got really pretty themed decorations! Was afraid that for a small hotel the decorations will be quite..ahem.. not modern and classy, but when we cam in, the ballroom was decorated in Oriental theme and it feels Chinese, but it also feels classy and beautiful:
Love the blue porcelains. Some more pics of themed decorations they have:

At around $620++ per table, with free parking for our guests and quite central location.. I am very keen on this venue. Still looking around just in case though.

All pictures credited to Hotel Re. More pics in their blog here

We met with Ann, one of the HR staff. She took us around the venue and went to fetch more pictures and information while we waited in the restaurant. Having itchy mouth, we ordered a fresh fruit platter. Ann came a short while later explained the packages they have, type of wedding favors, etc, and left us alone to discuss after that. When we were done and asked for the bill.. wouldn't you know, the restaurant staff explained that Ann requested it to be on the house!

That's what I call service =)

Found out that the $620++ per table is for solemnization package, as opposed to wedding package. Which means, it really just covers the venue rental and  food, no decorations at all. To get the decorations we'd have to get the wedding package which is $88++ per table. And they have expensive corkage fees on wine/ liquor.

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